Essays on The Brain

The human brain is considered to be one of the most complex things in the universe. The human brain is larger and has more mass than any other animal. It consists of 78% water, 8% protein and 10% protein. The brain is divided into four major lobes. The frontal lobe is located at the forehead of the brain. It is associated with emotions, movement, and speech and planning. The parietal lobe is found behind the parietal lobe at the top back of the brain. Its main function is processing nerve senses like taste, touch, temperature and touch among others. The third part of the brain is the temporal lobes which can be found at either sides of the brain above the ears. They are the ones responsible for memory, language, meaning and also processing auditory stimuli. The final part of the brain is the occipital lobe. This lobe is found at the back of the brain. The lobe’s responsibility is enabling the brain to recognize objects (Hart, 2009).

The brain is what defines people’s personality. The neurons in the brains are responsible for sending signals in the brain. Whenever two neurons exchange chemicals or synapses, it means that one has learned something new. Every time a chemical exchange occurs the neurons grow dendrites (Hart, 2009). Therefore, as one learns more and more in life the brain becomes more and more heavy. Therefore, the brain is responsible as to what personality a human being attains depending on what his brain has stored in the memory.

According to the scientists who studied Albert Einstein’s brain, they observed that a certain part of his brain had a large number of glial cells. Scientists have already discovered that glial cells are capable of growing in numbers. The high number of glial cells in Einstein’s brain showed that he was using that part of his brain (Hart, 2009). Therefore, that implies that the human brain also influences us professionally because Einstein’s brain had a lot of glial cells and a extraordinarily high IQ.

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