Secrets of Case Study Writing Whats is A Case Study

A case study is like a puzzle that needs to be solved. The first point to remember about creating this type of paper is that the case is presupposed to have a concrete problem for the audience to resolve. The case must have sufficient information in it, so that the audience can fully grasp what the issue is and, after considering it and clarifying the details, the reader must be capable of forming a proposed solution. Writing a fascinating case study is like creating a detective report. You want to keep your audience intrigued in the problem. A good case is far more than just a brief description. It is information that is organized to put the audience in the same situation as the case author was at the start; faced with a completely new problem and asked to determine what was happening. An explanation, in contrast, arranges all the data, comes to conclusions, shows the audience everything, and the reader really does not need to work very hard.

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