Canada Prison System Essay

1. Discuss the construction of identity in Canada’s prison system.

In Canada just like any other prison, there are various associations or groups formed among the prisoners. Whenever a new prisoners in sentenced to prison, he is recruited to any of these groups (Balfour, 2006). The identity in Canada prisons is constructed based on the royalty pledged to these groups. These in return is reciprocated by the control of illegal deals such drug dealings and security.

2. Explain the charter argument in the recent Insite case

In the case heard at the supreme court of the Canada the appeal. The appeal by the attorney general from decision granting Insite exemption, permitting it to continue to operate free from federal drug laws. It dismissed the prohibition on possession and drug trafficking in the controlled drugs and substance act were constitutionally valid and applicable to Insite under the division of powers. It was recognized that creative solutions were required to address the needs of the population; the plan included supervised drug consumption facilities to curb epidemics such as HIV/AIDs and hepatitis (Kimber, Dolan, & Wodak, 2001).

3. How does Gabor Mate analyze addiction?

In his book, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction Gabor Mate clearly describes stories of his parents, in their destitution and uniformly tragic histories, represents one extreme of the addictive spectrum through a compassionate way. He clearly brings out the misunderstood struggle by patients to overcome substance use and other things that have tormented them since their childhood. This makes the problem a relational instead of a medical problem. He clearly shows the behavioral addictions of a society and their effects and proving in reality that there is only one kind of addiction. According to Dr Mate’s scientific evidence on addiction based on neurobiological roots, he concludes that addictive tendencies are result of our brains governing our most basic needs and functions (Dr Mate, 2009). This is largely due to influence of the nurturing environment. Dr Mate says that the problem can only be healed and be treated by a compassionate approach in our families, the society and ourselves in general rather than the current use of mainstream social and legal frameworks.

4. What is the connection between the deregulation of the market and the coercive regulation of welfare recipients?

The changes to income support outlined by the market deregulation causes the changes in the market. This affects the pay, the hours and the conditions of work. This change, compel the range of welfare recipients to participate in paid work, thus expanding the labor supply. This avoids policies on work choices and legislation by government aimed to expand the labor market, promoting the flexibility in bargaining, decentralization and removing restrictions on unfair dismissals (Comack, & Balfour 2004). This reduces the power of trade unions thus promoting the possibility of low job pay and poor work conditions. In deregulated environment, the vulnerability of the working population depends on their compliance with the work requirements. The work choices, on the other hand, adversely impacts on the low-paid, and the low skilled sectors of the market.

5. What is Elaine Morgan’s hypothesis, and why was/is it rejected by academia?


Elain Morgan is greatly known as the proponent of the aquatic ape theory: her hypothesis believes that humans evolved from primate ancestors who lived in aquatic habitats. The academic field has come up rejecting her theory and categorizing it as part of the lunatic fringe of science due to the following reasons. The main reason results as to why humans then differ with the apes in so many things if they evolved from them: in bi-pedal ability, ability to speak, nakedness among others. In most of the anthropological field works conducted most of the hominid fossils were collected in the savannahs and not in the waters as said by Elaine and majority of people believe the idea about the water is just a waffle. Another reason is that there are number of aquatic animals like the Wales and the dolphins that have hairless skins and other like the sea elephants that are in the process of becoming hairless (Elaine Morgan, 2009)

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